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  • About

    Hello and a warm welcome to my blog!

    Thanks for taking the time out to have a look at what I write about and for reading this section telling you little bit about me.

    My name is…

    I’m Samantha Czwordon-Auld and in June 2018 I married my best friend, which really was the most incredible day. I took the modern approach by double barreling my surname with Mike’s, because both my name and Polish my heritage are extremely important to me and it is something i’m very proud of. My grandparents have both passed away, so it just makes me feel like I’m still carrying a part of them with me.

    Where I come from…

    I live in Gateshead, a stone’s throw , in the wonderful north east of England. I adore the north east and believe that it’s one of the most beautiful, unspoiled places on earth. It also helps that we’re only an hour or so on the train away from Edinburgh!

    I was born in the north east and studied here too and once I graduated from Uni I moved to Leeds, where I built up my career, made some of my best friends and had a fantastic time while I was there – there really is nothing like a Saturday night in Leeds!  In 2010 I relocated back home to be closer to my family.

    About me…

    I’m marketing manager by day and a blogger in my spare time. Now in my mid thirties, I feel that I know myself well and although I still haven’t entirely worked out what my professional – or spiritual vocation is quite yet, I do know that I want to tell you lovely lot about the things I enjoy doing, the places I enjoy going, the clothes I enjoy wearing, the food I enjoy eating, my obsessions and pet peeves… ..well you get the gist!

    What I do…

    I work in marketing and communications and am the comms manager for a shopping centre in the north east. I love my job and i’m lucky to have a role that allows me to progress within it and make it my own. I’m lucky to have a boss that gives me that level of independence.

    There will naturally be times where i might blog about things i’ve bought from the centre I work in, but I work in a shopping centre, so i’m only human, I’m gonna buy clothes and treats there! Especially when there’s a Lush.

    I can absolutely assure you that I will always be authentic about any product or service in every one of my blog posts.

    What I love…

    Food: I absolutely love my scran, whether it’s fine dining, pub grub, indulgent eats or a healthy vegan meal (i’m not vegan, but eating less meat and dairy these days) I’ll eat pretty much anything…. unless its celery.

    Make up: I adore make up. In fact I think about it all the time! I have many staples, but also love to experiment and try new trends and brands. All of my make up brands however, always be cruelty free!

    Fashion: I just love clothes and I have my own style, but even in my mid thirties I am still trying to master that sweet spot between looking glamorous and looking like a total scrat bag!

    Lifestyle: I’m always out and about and my friends and family laugh about how i’m never in the house! I love days out visiting places of old and new, in the city, coast or country.

    Travel: I can’t tell you how much I love to travel. I only wish there were more weeks in the year! I love relaxing holidays, but I can’t go anywhere without exploring the areas that make places so special.

    Home: I bought my first home on my own in 2014 and it’s where I still live, with my husband and cat. I have spent a few years trying to get it how I want it, but it’s not always a quick process. Posts about my home decor will sit within the Lifestyle section of this blog.

    My many obsessions: Each month, I’m going to aim to post about the things i’m obsessed with, whether it be a make up product, my new favourite snack or cocktail or perhaps a person I really admire.

    I LOVE my cat, my family, all-the-animals, eco friendly products, the planet, trees, feminism, music, films, netflix and my job.

    I do not love… the patriarchy, rude people, people who think they’re owed a living, PLASTIC waste and OMG I HATE PLASTIC STRAWS!

    Would like to meet… 

    If you’re ever interested in collaborating, or inviting me to an event – I’d really love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to give me a shout via the Contact section of the blog or through my social media pages.

    Big love,

    Sam xx

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